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June 9, 2017

When we are stressed, it’s quite easy to develop negative thinking patterns because we become frustrated by our challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for us to manage those challenges and move forward and break through the stress cycle.

Practicing positive thinking helps to focus on our strengths and accomplishments, which increases happiness and motivation. This, in turn, allows us to spend more time making progress, and less time feeling down and stuck. The following tips provide practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into more positive thinking patterns:

1. Take Good Care of Yourself

It's much easier to be positive when you are eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

2. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Grateful For

Stresses and challenges don't seem quite as bad when you are constantly reminding yourself of the things that are right in life. Taking just 60 seconds a day to stop and appreciat...

June 1, 2017

Belly fat is more than just the fat around the midsection.  It plays a dangerous role in our health, both physical and mental.  Read on to discover why you have belly fat, how your hormones are affected, and what you can do about it!

What is belly fat?

The stomach muscle covers the entire midsection of the body, and connects to the pelvis. If you have a pad of excess fat covering the muscle, it is known as belly fat, and is called visceral fat. Visceral fat, or belly fat, extends deep into your abdomen, and is close to your internal organs, such as the heart, stomach and liver.

Visceral fat is different to the subcutaneous fat which lies just under the skin, and is far more dangerous. It is made up large fat cells which can grow bigger with time, and firmly pack into the spaces between the organs, having a negative effect on how they function. This can have a serious effect on your health.

It is not only fat people who have belly fat, there are factors which show that thin people...

January 19, 2017

The Golden Rule tells us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself," which translated means to take care of others as well as we care for ourselves. We as women go over and above caring for others.   But have you noticed that we don't go over and above caring for ourselves?  In fact, we are often hardest on ourselves.  We make excuses such as, "I don't have time," or "that costs too much."  We continually find the strength to give to others, sometimes having to reach down into the depths of our souls.  We give our all at our work, to our families, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, bath times, play times, quality times, volunteering, helping others, the list goes on.  And we are stressed.

Is this you? It was me not so long ago. I loved others so much and me so little that I eventually developed chronic fatigue. I was over tired, over weight, and over stressed. So tell me, as you live your life each day, are you loving you?  Are you loving your neighbor as yourself, or...

November 28, 2016

Are you ready for this to finally be the year you don't overbook yourself, promise your time to anyone who asks for it and enter the new year frazzled, stressed and unhappy?

Does that sound like an impossibility?  I know it can sound that way, for sure.  But with a few implementations, you can be well on your way to sanity in January... I promise!

Choose only the parties you really want to attend.  You don't have to be everywhere at once and it is much more enjoyable for you to connect with others at the parties you'd on't feel obligated to be at.

You also don't have to throw a huge holiday party yourself.  How about a holiday potluck where everyone brings a dish?  Delegate out your tasks and let the responsibility fall on everyone, not just you.  Potlucks are actually really fun!

While you're delegating out, get some help cleaning out those  closets.  Gather all of your items that you no longer need or use, bag them up and take them to shelters for donations to those in nee...

November 22, 2016

 Staying on track with your weight loss goals during the holidays can be hard with all of the tempting goodies around.  If you don't want to pass on the sweet treats altogether, there are tweaks you can make to recipes to contribute to making them "healthier."  My favorite holiday treat is Scandinavian Almond Bars!  I love the almond taste and I wait for them all year!  Here are three simple ways to make your treats a little healthier!

Swap out sugar with a natural alternative such as coconut sugar or raw honey.  Natural sweeteners such as these (and agave, real maple syrup etc.) can be much sweeter than processed sugar, so play with your recipes and find the right amount for your swap.

You can also swap out the milk/cream/butter for non-dairy alternatives.  Swap out cows milk for almond or coconut milk, cream for coconut cream (be care not to by the kind with added sugar!), and butter for coconut oil.  If you are still wanting that buttery flavor,  I l...

November 15, 2016

Do you find it hard to stay with your health goals during the holiday season?  It can be difficult with all of the holiday parties (with loads of comfort foods!) to attend, family gatherings to show up to, and the stress of time being limited.  Wish some tools in your belt, you can conquer the holidays without getting too far off track from your health goals.

Prepare yourself for the coming season.  Go ahead and visit those Pinterest boards you pinned forever ago, find some healthy, easy recipes that can be your staples during this busy season, and get familiar with them.  Prepare your plan for the week ahead of time and stick to it.

Also, prepare what you will allow.  Are you going by the 90/10 rule where you eat healthy 90% of the time and splurge on that slice of pie 10% of the time?  Prepare your mind off what you will allow, so that you know ahead of time what's "okay."

Ask for accountability, if you need it.  If having someone holding you accountable will keep you on...

November 6, 2016

There are different sides of the road here during the holiday season - the side that loves and looks forward to this time of year, and the side that feels anxiety, loneliness, and frustration during this time of year.  This could be caused by many factors, such as a family that doesn't get along and causes friction at family gatherings.  

There are things you can do to keep your gratitude and joy flowing this season.  Let's go ahead and set some intentions of how you will do this, so that you can be prepared when the season arrives. 

I'll share with you a few of my favorite ways to stay nourished and grateful this season:  

- Don't let the hustle and bustle get to you.  This season doesn't have to be a blur.  Find one of your favorite ways to slow down and connect, and do this daily.  This could be a morning prayer/meditation, daily journaling, a morning yoga practice, or anything that fills you.  What will it be?  I like to do a morning devotional with a cup of coffee or t...

October 31, 2016

I love fall in Montana!  And those of you that live here know exactly what I am talking about!  Montana has it's own exquisite beauty, and there is nothing quite like going for a walk outdoors to enjoy the sight and smells of fall here in the Treasure State.  Whether my view is overlooking harvested fields or the golden color of changing Tamaracks, it's hard not to be grateful that I live here!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways that we have to change our perception.  From the many negative things going on in the world today that is constantly being put in front of us on the news and via social media to our own thoughts inside of our heads, it is easy for our mindsets to hit the bottom of the barrel.  Especially when the stress of the holiday season is coming at us like a freight train. 

When we make an effort to show appreciation to others, we make them smile.  They get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that makes them happy and shows value of their presence...

October 27, 2016

We tend to hibernate during the colder months and it's not uncommon to pack on the pounds when doing so.  Sometimes we feel off track and it's hard to aren't quite sure where to veer back onto the road.  I have a few simple ways you can start improving your health right now!

First, I want you to forget the bathroom scale.  Hide it.  Put it in the closet, throw it away, or stick it out of sight in the garage.  Do whatever it takes to get it out of your mind.  Staring at that number looking up at you can truly divert your healthy path in a negative way.  The important focus here is on your health.

Make it a daily task to work on accepting yourself where you are this very moment.  Have you ever heard the saying, "Life's a marathon, not a sprint"?  It's so true!  Marinate on that!  It will take time to get where you are headed and I want you to love and accept yourself every step of the way.  Once you work on that, more effortless relaxing will flow naturally....

October 24, 2016

Have you been feeling guilty about not working out as much as you want lately?  Once Summer is over, it is easy to rely on those loose sweaters and oversized coats to hide our figure while we indulge a little too much in the holiday feasts.

The end of the year is a busy time for all of us, so it is understandable if you are finding it difficult to be at the gym at 6 am 5 days a week.  And let's face it, if you live in the northern part of the country like me, it's pretty hard to leave that nice warm bed to go out when the temperature starts to drop!  But you are not alone!  There are plenty of things you can do to sneak in exercise throughout the day!

1.  Take the steps

2.  While you are on the phone pace around your office or stretch your legs

3.  Squats while brushing your teeth

4.  Take an a walk each night after dinner to enjoy the breeze

5.  Go outside play with your kids or grandkids

These are some quick easy ways to get you on the move!  Think about some of your favorite ways...

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June 9, 2017

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