Why You Need A Personal Health Coach

I often get asked the question, “Why do I need a Health Coach?” People hire experts for multitudes of reasons. For example, we hire lawyers when we seek legal advice, accounts to prepare our taxes, and appraisers to tell us the value of the homes we live in. As a Health Coach I am an expert in the field of Health and Wellness and I take a holistic approach to your health. What this means to you, is I look at all areas of your life to make sure they are working in harmony. I help you integrate your primary food such as career, relationships and exercise with your secondary food, nutrition.

“But do I need a personal Health Coach?” There are personal trainers to tailor your workout to address your specific needs. For example, if you have a leg injury you might not be able to do a high intensity workout. A personal trainer will guide you in finding a workout that you are able to do, but also one you enjoy. You might also hire a personal shopper to help you find the right clothes in the latest fashions so your wardrobe is tailored for your own specific style. As your personal Health Coach, I identify with you individually, just as these professionals do! Did you know the average person tries over 30 different diets in their lifetime? The reason for this is simply because “diets” are made one-size-fits all and we are not. Your health is about more than a number. Going on a quick-fix diet won't help you long term. Infusing your secondary foods with your primary foods will help you make overall lifestyle changes that will benefit you permanently.

Everyone is unique. Each of us is as disparate as a fingerprint or a snowflake. And each one of us holds a very distinct place in this world. Because of this, I work with people on the basis of bio-individuality. As you go through my program, you will come to know that we don’t count calories or follow a fad diet. I don't sell products to you in order for you to reach your health goals. I educate and support you in promoting healthy lifestyle changes through whole clean eating, incorporating exercise, and stress reduction, just to name a few. I do all of this while assisting you in finding your own best version of you so that you allow yourself to shine in this world as you were meant to; to start living a healthier, happier life. You will find my program is very gratifying and not restrictive. Instead of handing you a generalized "meal plan" I work with you to find the foods you love that will also promote great health! As a result, you are able to enjoy an abundance of foods that are delicious and good for you too!

So in answer to your question, yes, you do need a personal Health Coach! And as your personal Health Coach, I will be there to guide you through your transformation to a healthier lifestyle so you can live the life you were meant to live!

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