Using Mindfulness To Beat Cravings

Have you ever left the grocery store to drive home, pulled into your driveway, and realized you zoned out the entire time? Your body knew where to go out of habit and luckily you made it home safely! But this is a perfect example of mindless habits. Same goes for our automatic eating habits.

Do you ever automatically reach for that bowl of ice cream after supper and realize that you don't actually WANT it, you are just reaching for it out of habit?

We all have our own eating habits! I used to reach for a couple of cookies every morning to go with my coffee. Not quite the breakfast of champions, was it? Becoming mindful of these habits is the first step in rearranging your habits and creating new, healthier ones that make you feel great!

Tomorrow, be mindful of each thing you eat. Examine what was going on around you, or in you when you chose to eat anything that may not align with your health goals. What are your typically doing when you find yourself reaching for these foods? Driving? Working? Watching TV? Ask yourself if you really need to eat this food and is it healthy for you.

Check out my Eating With Intention program to learn more about how you can practice mindful eating, finally beat those cravings and ditch the diet!

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