Simple Ways To Keep Your Health On Track

We tend to hibernate during the colder months and it's not uncommon to pack on the pounds when doing so. Sometimes we feel off track and it's hard to aren't quite sure where to veer back onto the road. I have a few simple ways you can start improving your health right now!

First, I want you to forget the bathroom scale. Hide it. Put it in the closet, throw it away, or stick it out of sight in the garage. Do whatever it takes to get it out of your mind. Staring at that number looking up at you can truly divert your healthy path in a negative way. The important focus here is on your health.

Make it a daily task to work on accepting yourself where you are this very moment. Have you ever heard the saying, "Life's a marathon, not a sprint"? It's so true! Marinate on that! It will take time to get where you are headed and I want you to love and accept yourself every step of the way. Once you work on that, more effortless relaxing will flow naturally.

Stress is extremely harmful to our health, so any reduction on stressors will provide health benefits. This is why it is so important to keep your life in balance. A few ways to de-stress are get a massage, take a hot bath, read a book, do one of your favorite hobbies. A little self-care goes a long ways in managing stress, so go ahead! Tell your family you are unavailable for an hour.

These three things will help you keep your health on track during the winter season. As always, try to have some fun ways to exercise while you are at it (this will also help you to de-stress!). For more ways to do that, check out my blog, "5 Ways To Sneak In Exercise".

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