Reset Your Mindset

I love fall in Montana! And those of you that live here know exactly what I am talking about! Montana has it's own exquisite beauty, and there is nothing quite like going for a walk outdoors to enjoy the sight and smells of fall here in the Treasure State. Whether my view is overlooking harvested fields or the golden color of changing Tamaracks, it's hard not to be grateful that I live here!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways that we have to change our perception. From the many negative things going on in the world today that is constantly being put in front of us on the news and via social media to our own thoughts inside of our heads, it is easy for our mindsets to hit the bottom of the barrel. Especially when the stress of the holiday season is coming at us like a freight train.

When we make an effort to show appreciation to others, we make them smile. They get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that makes them happy and shows value of their presence and purpose in our lives and the lives of others. But when was the last time you showed your appreciation to nature? The crisp fall air? Blankets of snow? Or spring flowers? When was the last time you thanked God for these beautiful gifts, for all of the gifts in our lives? And when was the last time you expressed gratitude to yourself?

Showing daily gratitude can reset our mindset to a more positive way of thinking. It helps us to wake up in a good mood and to get through the bad moments of our day and to view setbacks as challenges. Studies show that consistently showing gratitude on a daily basis helps us to accomplish this and have more positive thoughts, thus being a more positive person.

So I am challenging you to reset that mindset! I challenge you to 30 Days of Gratitude beginning November 1st. I challenge you to be mindful of your surroundings, of everyone and everything in your lives and express your gratitude for them. Record these thoughts in a journal. Write down at least three things you are grateful for every day. Do this either in the morning to start your day off positively, or in the evening to show appreciation for your day (or even both). And when the moment strikes you, send a loved one a handwritten card to show them that you are thankful they are in your life. Taking a few minutes each day to express this gratitude will do wonders towards your outlook on life, changing your mindset and help you lead a more positive life!

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