Stay On Track Through The Holidays

Do you find it hard to stay with your health goals during the holiday season? It can be difficult with all of the holiday parties (with loads of comfort foods!) to attend, family gatherings to show up to, and the stress of time being limited. Wish some tools in your belt, you can conquer the holidays without getting too far off track from your health goals.

Prepare yourself for the coming season. Go ahead and visit those Pinterest boards you pinned forever ago, find some healthy, easy recipes that can be your staples during this busy season, and get familiar with them. Prepare your plan for the week ahead of time and stick to it.

Also, prepare what you will allow. Are you going by the 90/10 rule where you eat healthy 90% of the time and splurge on that slice of pie 10% of the time? Prepare your mind off what you will allow, so that you know ahead of time what's "okay."

Ask for accountability, if you need it. If having someone holding you accountable will keep you on track, find an accountability friend. Additionally, be sure to let your family know your goals so that you may get some support and encouragement from them as well.

Here are a few ways I plan to sty on track this holiday season:

- Plan ahead for all my meals - find healthy recipes to use so I am not looking for something unhealthy last minute. This also helps eliminate trips to the grocery store on an empty stomach, especially during the busy times of day when it is the most crowded and most stressful.

- Keep healthy snacks on hand. We all need a little pick me up in the middle of the afternoon during this busy time of year. A couple of great healthy snacks are apples or celery with nut butter and carrot sticks with hummus (be careful not to buy the hummus with soy oil).

- Eat a protein packed breakfast. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! You will find that when you start your day off with healthy protein, that you will have more energy throughout the morning to make it to lunch - without reaching for that donut loaded with sugar at work!

If you follow these simple steps, you are sure to have a less stressed holiday season!

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