3 Simple Ways To Make Holiday Treats Healthier

Staying on track with your weight loss goals during the holidays can be hard with all of the tempting goodies around. If you don't want to pass on the sweet treats altogether, there are tweaks you can make to recipes to contribute to making them "healthier." My favorite holiday treat is Scandinavian Almond Bars! I love the almond taste and I wait for them all year! Here are three simple ways to make your treats a little healthier!

Swap out sugar with a natural alternative such as coconut sugar or raw honey. Natural sweeteners such as these (and agave, real maple syrup etc.) can be much sweeter than processed sugar, so play with your recipes and find the right amount for your swap.

You can also swap out the milk/cream/butter for non-dairy alternatives. Swap out cows milk for almond or coconut milk, cream for coconut cream (be care not to by the kind with added sugar!), and butter for coconut oil. If you are still wanting that buttery flavor, I love Earth's Best dairy-free butter. I cannot tell the difference from regular butter.

If you are preparing gluten-free treats for loved ones, you can find alternatives such as gluten-free all-purpose flour and different pre-made cake mixes. These can be found in the gluten-free section of your grocery store or on Amazon. They're great for gluten-free families or those that choose the gluten-free route.

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