Tips To Stress Less This Holiday Season

Are you ready for this to finally be the year you don't overbook yourself, promise your time to anyone who asks for it and enter the new year frazzled, stressed and unhappy?

Does that sound like an impossibility? I know it can sound that way, for sure. But with a few implementations, you can be well on your way to sanity in January... I promise!

Choose only the parties you really want to attend. You don't have to be everywhere at once and it is much more enjoyable for you to connect with others at the parties you'd on't feel obligated to be at.

You also don't have to throw a huge holiday party yourself. How about a holiday potluck where everyone brings a dish? Delegate out your tasks and let the responsibility fall on everyone, not just you. Potlucks are actually really fun!

While you're delegating out, get some help cleaning out those closets. Gather all of your items that you no longer need or use, bag them up and take them to shelters for donations to those in need It helps you start your year off feeling tidier and most importantly, helps those in need at a special time of year. It's a win-win!

Download my FREE Surviving The Holidays guide for more tips to stress less this year!

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