7 Simple Steps To Make Your Home Healthier This Season

It's that time of year. You are constantly wiping down the surfaces of your home to kill germs. But is your house as germ-free as you think it is? Germs live on our floors, in our carpets, even in the heating ducts. However, household cleaners can carry a heavy toxin load. Here are some tips to help you fight those nasty cold and flu germs this season:

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· Use 1/4 c. vinegar in a spray bottle with 3-5 drops of IMMUNE BLEND. Fill with water and you have a great household surface cleaner

· Fill a spray bottle with water, 3 drops of lemon EO, and Eucalyptus EO. Spray on floor to clean.

· Fill a spray bottle with water and 3-5 drops of IMMUNE BLEND. Spray on surfaces such as door knobs and faucets to fight germs.


· When replacing your furnace filter, sprinkle with 20 drops each of PURE AIR BLEND and IMMUNE BLEND. This will make your home smell nice as it cleans the air. Replace the filter monthly

· Replace the HEPA filter in your vacuum. Sprinkle the new filter with 10 drops of IMMUNE BLEND and PURE AIR BLEND before placing in vacuum

· Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter

Essential Oils to use to help fight germs in your home:

· CINNAMON (helps to prevent viruses from spreading)

· LEMON (helps to prevent viruses from spreading)

· EUCALYPTUS (kills fungus and guards against bacteria)

· TEA TREE OIL (kills certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Also has shown to increase the activity of white blood cells which helps fight germs and other foreign invaders)

· IMMUNE BLEND (contains cinnamon; eucalyptus; clove-a broad spectrum antimicrobial; rosemary-helps reduce stress and supports respiratory function; and lemon

· PURE AIR BLEND (contains juniper berry-fights free radicals; Cypress-antimicrobial and antibacterial; grapefruit-is an antioxidant and his antimicrobial properties; frankincense-helps the fight against bacteria, fungi, and viruses; lemongrass-has antimicrobial properties to help fight bacteria, is a powerful antioxidant

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** It is important to note that many essential oils can be harmful to pets. Your pets are breathing the same air you are. They also may be attracted to the taste of the oils, so they may lick surfaces where the essential oils are used. If you have pets always consultant your veterinarian before using any essential oils in your home. For more information, visit Michelson Found Animals at:

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