It’s that time of year again!


Time for fun and laughter.

Holiday gatherings with family and friends


But instead of having fun, do you find yourself

feeling over tired, over stressed, and saying


With no energy left

as you fight the holiday crowds?

And the next thing you know, you find yourself in the middle of a Clint Eastwood style, "High Noon" kind of showdown with the

Christmas Cookies....

Tell me, are you

begging for mercy,

praying you don’t get sick,

and acting like Scrooge?? 


There is a better way My Friend!


I’m here to show you how to have more energy

Work through the stress

And most of all…  How to keep your SANITY

through all of the holiday gatherings, shopping and cheer. - Oh and did I mention how to stay healthy too?


Won't you join me?

23 days of Life Support to get you

through the Holidays

from a  Certified Health Coach – Me!


23 Days for $23

That’s $1 per day for a stress free holiday

Are you ready to hear more?

I have combined my 3 favorite Holiday programs into 1 just for you!


Surviving The Holidays (a $39 value)

14-Day Healthy Holiday Challenge (a $49  value)

7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge (a $49 Value)


That’s a total value of $137

Yours for only $23

Surviving The Holidays

Healthy Holiday Challenge

Green Smoothie Holiday Challenge

During these 23 Days you will learn how to…


  • De-Stress

  • Plan ahead

  • Eating right

  • Boost your Immune System

  • Recharge your batteries

  • Simplify your holidays

  • Avoid the holiday weight gain


Plus you will get…


  • 23 Days of support from a Certified Health Coach

  • 23 Days of a private Facebook group for support and accountability

  • 10 Delicious holiday smoothie recipes

  • Smoothie menu planning guide

  • Shopping list guide

  • Tips to manage stress and stay healthy


As an added Bonus….


Sign up by Friday, November 11th

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New Year, New You Challenge!

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An 8-Day challenge filled with practical steps to help you make and keep those

New Year’s resolutions!

Reach those goals....

 Get Healthy....

Lose The Weight....

Increase Your Energy....

Have better Mental Clarity....

(It's all just a click away)

So maybe I'm not Santa, but I might be his elf!

A $39 value!

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Surviving The Holidays Guide (a $39 value)

14-Day Healthy Holiday Challenge (a $49  value)

7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge (a $49 Value)

New Year, New You Guide (a $39 Value)


That’s a total of $ 176!


Yours for  $23 for 31 Days to get you through the Holidays!


A savings of $153!

Hurry!  We begin November 15th!