You wish you could make it to lunch without that embarrassing grumbling

in your stomach.

You want to get past 10am without needing that third cup of coffee…

Good news! You can.

The Breakfast Experiment is a 7-day journey to explore what works best for your

unique body to fuel you for the day.

You’ll learn to really tap in, listen to what your body is asking for and figure out

what fuels it for optimal energy and vitality.

You’ll eat a different breakfast daily for 7 days, documenting how it affected you

mentally, physically, and emotionally.

By the end of Day 7, you’ll have learned a great deal about what foods your body

is requesting and rejecting.

You’ll know what breakfast works best for you – so you can ditch this current midmorning slump you’re so familiar with.

Join us on Sunday, October 30th to begin our great Breakfast Experiment. It’ll be

rewarding, encouraging and insightful!

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